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Document Preparation

You have to provide documents in Japanese?
We are here to help you.

Most people use an  online translator, but you have no way to confirm if the sentences make sense. Majority of time, the sentences seem obvious that they were auto-translated and they are hard to understand.

We do not just translate, but we directly fill in the form or make a documentation by receiving your informations, so you can just submit the document immediately.

We have experiences including:

  • Resume

  • Birth certificate

  • Documents for school entrance

  • Documents for the city halls or government

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With Normal Translations

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With Our System

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General Proxy Service

Online Shopping

When you want to buy something from a shop that does not do international shipping.


If you're planning to shop constantly, we offer a monthly plan where you can make a purchase several times and we ship out to you the whole purchases at once to reduce the shipping cost.



When you want to send an email or a message from a contact form on a website.


If you want us to help you sending emails/messages several times until a problem is solved, we offer premium plan where we can send up to 10 emails and/or messages.


Phone Calling

When you need to make a phone call, to reserve a hotel or ask a question to a school as examples.


If you want us to help you calling someone several times to deal with a situation, we offer premium plan where we can make phone calls up to 10 times. 

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Traveling VISA
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We can help you applying for short term visa to visit USA. We have experiences with people from countries outside of Visa Waiver Program, as well as ESTA application. We can also help making appointment for interview if you need.

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We have a connection to Mr. Gérald Pandelon, a French Lawyer in Paris, who has many years of experiences on dealing with French VISA issues. We help you contacting and communicating with him, so you have opportunity to ask for a professional help.

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